Shelby Crop Insurance


Reporting A Loss 


Please call our office at 812.663.6258 or your agent to report your loss. 

Notice of Provisions:

  • For a planted crop, when there is damage or loss of production, you must give us notice by unit, within 72 hours of your initial discovery of damage or loss of production.  Notice of Loss can not be reported 15 days after the end of the insurance period (December 10 of current year), even if you have not harvested the crop.

  • For crops that have a revenue protection coverage, if there is no damage or loss of production, you must give us notice no later than 45 days after the harvest price is released for any crop in the unit where the revenue loss has occurred.

Failure to contact our office or your agent to report a timely loss could result in non-payment. 

We want to ensure that your loss is turned in timely, the adjuster is contacted and the claim is completed so you receive your payment. 

Causes of Loss:

  • Loss of Revenue
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Fire by natural cause only
  • Insects
  • Plant Disease
  • Wildlife
  • Earthquake 
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Failure of Irrigation water supply